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Color correcting and a lovely fall inspired makeup look 🍂🍁 @emilysusanah



Nice ohrstöpsel @hannah_pfr


Tia se queda verde la cara @sarafrpaz


@tanomarrano look morgue 💀




Слишком много косметики 😛👎


What was the name of the lip color you used?

@ya_meena trop trop trop


Wayyyyy different colour than her own skin... looks weird


@catherine.laberge quesser ca batard


Это такой шлак, ужас ..


jyada gora ho gya mu


@fleming75 um last time I checked you don’t have to be insecure to wear makeup? If she really was insecure then she wouldn’t show herself without makeup on camera. Just cause you’re insecure and wear makeup doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.


@allyjanemakeup I'm far from insecure!!! Personally I don't have the patience for it and don't want to clog my skin with all the layers of make up! If she's not insecure she wouldn't have to pack it on!!! A small amount would be good. She has to show a before and after and personally I would prefer the before, I'm more of a natural look type of person!!


She has a greenish tint!


@kendra.dianelle 😐 she looks green


@fleming75 you’re so uninformed in makeup, makeup doesn’t clog your pores at all. And it doesn’t damage it either if you just don’t sleep with it on. And like I’ve said before just because you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup doesn’t mean wearing a lot of makeup is wrong. It’s a profession that a lot of people pay to be done. If you don’t like it then don’t go saying oh she’s insecure because she wears makeup when that is far from the truth, please educate yourself in topics you don’t know anything about


Yeah no....that's not how this works.


Ok beurette lol


@fleming75 is the type of crazy lady all the mom's at the soccer match try to avoid 😂 everyone hide the guns from this one😂 this broad needs to put some makeup on for them damn under eye bags too lol


its the wrong shade of foundation but other than that she looks beautiful


And the night after the guy runs away screaming....just keep on beeing natural girl! No mask make up needed


U look like a witch i thought this was a Halloween tutorial like really WTF


@mc3baby don't be a hater!! I'm no soccer mum lovey!! Try to avoid, because I don't need to pack on the make up!! Like all you women do. Done days you have bags and done days you don't, part of parenting!!!


@fleming75 honey you were the one with all the hating going on. Speak for yourself about the bags cause I parent 3 and never have bags! Regardless of your a soccer mom or not your still that woman


Got a bit of a green tint but other than that it’s gorgeous


She doesn’t even know where to place the colors


omg everyone. shut up. you don't even know who this girl is. she's an absolutely amazing person who has been through a lot and still super positive and happy. she never lets your ignorant opinions get to her. makeup is supposed to be fun, unique and different. everyone does theirs differently to fit the way they like to. a lot of girls, including emily, look to makeup for happiness and fun. the more makeup, the better ♥️ it's so much fun to cake my makeup and to try different ways of doing so. she just simply wanted to share her way of doing so and she gets completely bashed. how would you feel if you were in her shoes? you're all grown women acting like 5 year old bullies. grow up for a change.


@mhd_17_ kerem sabze bara joshe nga chetori mahvesh krd


@f2at3i ایران ازت بیزارم😢


@louisa_stokes do you think that she knows that she's green?


@allyjanemakeup uhh I’m late but I just had to say that makeup literally is a main cause of clogged pores and acne