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Thanks to @rebooteng for the quick shipment and awesome products! Another set of radiator stays for the track car this time and their new 135i w/e46 rotors to E36 M3 caliper brackets. These are the final piece for the brakes! #reboot #rebootengineering #bmw #e36 #e36m3 #bmwm3 #vfsupercharged #wekfest2018 #135i #timetogetserious @tabad10 @e36_saam @widebody36 @bimerdude @pi0tr @pikmasta @texas_e36_garage @e36avery @bimmertips @e36worldwide @e36worldofficial



Nice find


Times ticking. Wekfest is around the corner


The build is realllll


Will these still clear under 17s? I guess I'll have to find out.


@piedstert from everything I’ve measure they will fit the 17’s. I currently have a bbk that is a 6pot 330mm unit. Stock e46 rotors are 325mm. I’ll be mounting them up soon to check all clearances


@archslave84 i already know for a fact if you buy the e46 rotor brackets these will not fit 17” style 32s if your offset is 20 in the front and 23 in the rear.


@eturdy6 I have a different offset. I’m not talking to the face of the wheel. I’m talking clearance to the barrel.