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Yesterday, this big ginger, water loving, stone carrying, teddy destroying baby turned 9! That's 9 whole years of cuddles in the morning,a head on your lap when your eating , a paw just touching you when your sat side by side. It's also 9 years loving a being, that at first would nip my ankles and pull off my socks, but now seeks me out for her morning cuddles. We love you Ruby Roo 🐢❀



Happy birthday big woman ❀️❀️


@emilyycraig she said she wants to come bark at you as if you're a stranger then lick you and chew your wrist like you're her best friend. You know, the usual greeting.


@jgladders ahh yeah, just the standard


Nip your ankles is putting it lightly πŸ˜‚ I miss my little ginge. Can’t wait to be home again sooooooon!