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When I started making videos on YouTube, my #1 goal was to help people learn how to fix their cars. Since those first videos, the channel has grown bigger (the largest car fixing channel in the world) and my videos have been viewed by over a half a billion people from all around the world. Even with all of this “fame” the #1 goal is still the same as day one: to help people learn how to fix their car. I think my last video and all the work that went into it is a perfect example of that. Now that 2018 is over, looking back it was awesome with some great videos, new cars and fun challenges. For 2019 I plan on making even more helpful videos on new topics anddddd I have a few projects I know you guys will like! Don’t ask ;) Happy New Year! No “new year, new me” here.. It’s the same ChrisFix this year but I’m always working hard to improve and I hope you guys do the same! #ChrisFix #outwiththeoldinwiththenew #2018 #2019



Oh man, I can’t wait for all the videos


@chrisfixit on adam lz's video with you he showed your face


I like how you put so much hard work and effort for us in the editing just so we can learn to fix our cars and that you read so many comments everyday many YouTubers don't read or reply to your dms so I really appreciate how much time you spend just for editing and replying to dms and comments


Thank you for all that you do.


@tiki_tanae R34!?😍😍😍


Bruh the soapy water thing has me dead asf he does say it with a accent


Hey Chrisfix, guys here! And today I have a question that could very well be “video material”: some mechanics recommend switching to 20w 50 motor oil when the vehicle mileage is too high. Is that a good idea?


@chrisfixit I am SO CLOSE to being ready for the clutch replacement video. I just need a breaker bar and a transmission jack. Keep up the great work and happy new year!


Any suggestions on fixing a CAT on a 1999 honda accord lx??


Soapy wodder gets me every time 😂😂😂


When are u going to upload I almost watched all ur videos and they were great


Hey @chrisfixit i have an 02 mustang gt with a dyno tune and some bolt ons, could you give an idea of how long I should let it warm up in the morning? Thank you!

@tiki_tanae You just said Skyline R34, you'll have 10k followers now. 😂


I love your videos I been watching, your videos for Since 2010,great content and helpful .Keep up the great work👍👍👍


@chrisfixit will you wrap your mustang??


Hey @chrisfixit which tire brand to you prefer ??


Please do an engine rebuild video!


When is the turbo gonna be done for the del sol


Hey guuyyysssssssss... Chris Fix here


How do you make a tool Float


Chris you should come and visit my school uti in Bloomfield


For the Delsol I think Metalic Black Rims and Hot red paint will look cool


Rll giveruiWWhwn❤️🎉z be ylcvaxr.s😍 mes to t re s a


Just a video suggestion @chrisfixit, you should do a comprehensive guide to replacing a timing belt and other components that are related. You have some videos on it right now but they’re a little unclear albeit very informative.


Do you ever watch you old videos for reference on how to do something😂?


@chrisfixit can you do a video every 2 weeks not every month


Turbo something. Or exhaust manifold, IC, downpipe work on some already turboed car :)


Would you ever get a rotary car for content


@chrisfixit i purchased a car a while ago and the car has old wax in little creases and on the black plastic. What would you suggest i do to remove the old wax?


do stuff on diesels


Bro, are u installing nitros? That’s illegal


@sapphireblue_95 spray wax and a soft bristle brush


@speed_rush_98 I don’t do stuff for content. I do stuff so I can teach and enjoy it. But yes I would get a rotary 👊


@0w3n_12 I go as fast as I can


@schwall.e yes I do lol. Especially for torque specs


So that's how you got the driftstang


@0w3n_12 that's the only problem I look everyday for new content maybe do like a vlog on the days your waiting for the big videos to be done


@chrisfix please avoid to crash mustang don't push too hard why are the tracks for


What happened to your vette?