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Getting sounds right before Church services this morning. One of my favorite effects to use in the AxeFx3 (or any delay pedal) is a multi-tap delay. Set the delay repeats for simultaneous different subdivisions (1/8th, dotted 1/8th, 1/4, 1/16th etc) and put them at tap tempo and pan them randomly throughout the stereo field and you have perfect volume swells for ambient pads. Hard to do the sound justice through an iPhone, but it really, adds depth and dimension to volume swells. Give your keyboard/synth player the morning off. 😉• • • • • #axefx #Ax8 #gibson #AxeFx3 @theairturn @airturnsolutions @onsongapp #fractalAudio #suhr @suhrcustom #MesaBoogie @jhaudio #Guitarist #Drummer #Musician #WorkingMusician #Guitar #drums @qscaudio @portcityamps @scumback_speakers @monocreators #Monocase @weareeminence #LAMusician #LAMusicScene


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