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For its ASEAN chairmanship this year, Thailand adopted the theme "Advancing Partnership for Sustainability.” Partnership - the theme’s second component, underscores the promotion of partnership within ASEAN, and with dialogue partners and the global community through "ASEAN Plus One” and ASEAN's centrality in the regional architecture. Economic cooperation with global partners will be reinforced. ASEAN’s role on the international stage in addressing key global issues, i.e., climate change, will also be enhanced. Connectivity in various dimensions will be promoted, both in infrastructure, the regulatory regime, people-to-people connectivity (especially in the context of "ASEAN’s Year of Culture” in 2019) and connecting connectivity strategies within the region toward a ‘‘Seamless ASEAN.”





Hi everyone , 💝 Huge Love from Indonesia 💝🇮🇩


It’s quite exciting to see Thailand take the Chairmanship in such a crucial year! Loving the continuous effort for enhanced connectivity and integration between the citizens in the region. Congratulations and best wishes as Chair to Thailand! 🌟🇹🇭