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short clip from my solo yesterday at mexico city at my @meinlcymbals south america tour i’m on at the moment. i wanted to take a moment to say again how underestimated I think structure, form and development are with many drummers. A Super easy way to get structure into your playing is to use repetition, slight variation, and simple forms like call&response. This little clip showcases this I think very clearly. I don’t play new ideas and new stuff all the time, but use the principles I just talked about. my job while improvising is not to come up with new ideas constantly, but to develop, structure arrange those ideas as well. i think this part is often overlooked. try it out if you don’t use these principles already. They can completely transform your playing. Have a great day! #drums @vicfirth @meinlcymbals @sonordrumco @remopercussion #meinlbennytour2019 #improvisation #lesson #music #structure


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