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It's 4:00am at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas after attending the last Supercross race of the season and i got a lil buzzed (rarely happens) hangin out at the Circle Bar and suddenly im being dared to go play one of the drum kits on display! They left a pair of used sticks on the snare so that solved the problem of no sticks. Couldn't go with the Rev's Avenged Sevenfold kit as he was a lefty (RIP) so I went with Frank Zummo from Sum 41's kit. I was nervous as of course this poach would be a bust but I sacked up and played for 20 seconds. Of course security showed up right away not very happy with me lol. Fun times in Vegas! Sorry @frankzummo i should of asked you first lol..I did get a big applause though ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ“ท @mikelebard @sum41 @avengedsevenfold #poached #lasvegas #noharmdone #motoxxx #drums #drummers #mapexdrums #sabian #remo #promark #dwdrums


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