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It was fun to jam this tune with @gunsnroses tribute band @loseyourillusion at my good friend @russ_on_wheelz fund-raiser event out at the @arenasimivalley. I think this is the slowest song I've played in a long time but playing slower tempos, sitting in the pocket and grooving can be challenging as opposed to playing really fast. I had fun doing this and a great night hanging out with everyone especially Russ! If you want some inspiration, follow Russ on here he is such a badass and I'm glad to call him my great friend. Thanks for having me jam guys! Full song clip is shared on my facebook. @mapexdrums @sabiancymbals_official @remopercussion @promarkbydaddario @gatorcases @motoxxxofficial 📷 @drshawnd



It’s a lil different scalin’ back them bpm’s! Good to see ya behind a kit!


Excellent!!! 💗💗💗


🔥🔥🔥 Really nice to see you rocking a Kit again. #OctoBurns #StillTheBest


Hell yeah!!!🔥


I find some slower simpler grooves are way harder to keep on time. Takes discipline!


Fuck yeah Jordan!🤘🤘🤘Keep then chops goin my friend.


Spot on. Killin’ it man. 👍🏻


@droppin_beats_not_bombs Agreed! A lot of drummers can simply do fast fills all over the place but the solid drummers know when to lay back in the pocket and serve the song. (Keith Moon, Bill Ward, Bonham, Bill Stevenson, Dave Grohl...) Jordan killed it rockin’ this tune. 👍🏻


I saw you needed a filmer/editor so I just sent you a dm if you could please check that out!!!


He’s back!!!!!