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You guys were asking for an easy way to remove clear coat oxidation, watermarks and clear coat stains, well here you go! I went to Cali to learn how to properly use l @meguiars 3in1 wax and it will clean the paint, polish the swirls away, and protect all at the same time. Is it as good as using a separate compound and then a separate polish and then a separate sealer...? Of course not, but it saves you a ton of time and money doing it all at once which is perfect for most cars and most people. Also if you want ANY Meguiars products on amazon (link in bio) you get 15% off everything using “15cfix” at checkout intil June 16th. I don’t make money from the code, it’s for you guys to save money on detailing products. It’s a pretty great deal and I hope this helps! #ChrisFix #MeguiarsPartner #HowTo #DIY #Detailing #scratch #scuff #cars #cleaning #scratchremoval #3in1 #paintcare #carcleaning


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