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As usual, behind the scenes there has been a lot of stuff going on including this right here! What you’re looking at is a $5k setup to shoot 180°VR. I have one video idea planned/ in the works. What do you guys want to see in 180 degrees? Wanna jump in the passenger seat of the Dream Car? How about in the DriftStang while I drift? Want to see something getting fixed and have the ability to look sideways? Should we go for a ride in a race car? What ideas do you have!? I wanna hear your best ideas! With VR you can use any device. Your phone can be used and you turn it to see more. Your PC can be used and you click and grab the screen to look sideways. And obviously the ultimate way to watch is with a headset. Some are $10 which uses your phone and some are $200 like the one in my picture. #ChrisFix @youtube #DIY #virtualreality #VR #180 #pointofview #pov #pushinglimits


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